Ever wondered why almost every laptop’s power cable has a cylinder at the end?

Ever noticed that little cylinder at the end of every laptop charger’s cable? Know its purpose? Probably not but don’t worry, we’ll tell it all. The cylinder is basically a ferrite bead which helps your laptop from deteriorating by suppressing high frequency noise such as electromagnetic and AC-DC noises. For this very purpose, the cylinders that we see and assume to be purposeless are named EM filters or chokers.

The rings are specifically made from ceramic compounds such as iron oxide or other metals because of their ability to filter out the high frequency noise that enters into them via the chords. These noise, if ignored and not suppressed with the chokers can result in severely damaging your laptops. Hence, it is time to give recognition to all the little cylinders in our laptop chargers for saving our precious gadgets!

h/t:Life Buzz

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