Ever wondered what those bumps on the sidewalks are designed for?

Ever noticed those bumpy and often coloured patterns on the sidewalks? If yes, then you must have mistaken them for a traction or simply taken it for granted. However, not all of us can afford to take things, even as small as sidewalk bumps, for granted. These detailed design elements on the sidewalks are particularly included to ensure the accessibility and safety of people coping with different disabilities.

The tiny bulges on uniform sidewalks give people with visual impairment a heads-up when they are near a dropped curb. On the other hand, the bright colour on the tactile pavements help partially sighted people by guiding them about the road. For example, the red-coloured bumps indicate that the sidewalk is in front of a crossroad with traffic lights hence serving as a cue for people with disabilities.

Sidewalk Bumps 1

Image: Marshalls

The designers take disabilities such as, arthritis in mind as well while designing these sidewalks. The tactile pavements are deliberately not over done so that they do not alleviate the pain of people who use wheelchairs or have any other kind of mobility impairment.

The sidewalk bumps are not just purposeful complex designs but an indicator of empathetic people in the society who believe in the safety of all people.

Watch the video below to know more:

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Header Image: © Image: Marshalls

h/t: Jalopnik

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