Ever wondered Why ATM Pin Codes Have Just 4 Digits!

Let’s face it, ATM has truly made our lives easier because we can get instant cash without queuing up in a bank. But while drawing money from the ATM, have you ever wondered “Why just 4 digits?” The question is valid as a legit security concern since the users are asked to provide strong passwords involving a larger string of characters for every other platform which is concerned with our privacy and security. However, it is also okay to ask this question just out of sheer curiosity. Although this question sounds very technical but the real reason for a 4-digit ATM pin code has little to do with science and more to do with a conversation over a kitchen table.

John Adrian Shepherd-Barron, the Scottish inventor who came up with the concept of ATM in 1967 proposed the ATM pin code to be based on 6-digits however, his wife, Caroline rejected the idea because she could only remember a combination of 4 digits as a password. And well, what do you expect of a poor man who gives a very high regard to his wife’s opinions? Thus, a worldwide trend of 4-digit ATM pin code was set just because Caroline said “No”. Isn’t that an interesting real life story?

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