Did you know you can get paid to stay in this luxurious resort?

Looking for an unconventional job that wouldn’t come in between your chilled-out life but would rather support it? You wouldn’t believe us but we might have something much better than what you were hoping for. Vidanta, a lavish resort chain of Mexico is now hiring one person from all around the world to be its exclusive social media influencer. The employers have officially dubbed the job as the “World’s Best Job” and one can hardly disagree with it after listening to the perks. The lucky employee would get to experience the resort’s fine dining, spas, swimming pools and other on-site entertainments all while staying in their luxurious hotel. Can’t get your head around it? Wait, there’s more. One would even get paid $120,000 as well as traveling expenses just by creating engaging content and promote the resort on social media. This is a dream job for every millennial out there without any question and we wouldn’t even bat an eye if people start resigning from their jobs for real to get this one!

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All Images: © Vidanta

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h/t: My Modern Met

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