CRN Mega Yacht features an indoor pool, an aquarium and world’s first floating garage

Owning a yacht is everyone’s dream. Created by Studio Zuccon International Project and designed in collaboration with CRN’s technical office, the J’ade is a 196-foot vessel with a gym, hammam room, four cabins for guests as well as an aquarium!

It is no surprise that the J’ade is irresistibly gorgeous since CRN, a brand of the Ferretti Group, is known for its eloquent designs throughout the world. The yachts they sell are not only safe, and of top quality but also have incredible sea performance!

CRN Mega Yacht 6 CRN Mega Yacht 4 CRN Mega Yacht 1

If we talk about the yacht in detail, it has full height windows that give beautiful panoramic views of the sea. Are you wondering if this magnificent yacht has a helipad and a swimming pool? Of course, it does, along with the world’s first floating garage! It is a made up of wood, marble, metals and leather, and allows the owner to store and access the 8-meter speedboat without a tender lift. Moreover, the hydraulic powered hatch fills with 18,000 liters of water in just three minutes hence moving the boat onto the yacht without the help of a crane.

CRN Mega Yacht 3 CRN Mega Yacht 2 CRN Mega Yacht 16 CRN Mega Yacht 15

Let’s take a look. The stairwell is in the center of the yacht with a crystal lift, and a while grand piano is placed in the living room. In an interview, the CRN’s sales director, Luca Boldrini, said that the CRN is experimenting. He added, “We’re experimenting in design, in sizes, and in features. Each of the yachts in build has special features in development, and we hope the next step will be to mix and match all these new features in one or two new concepts so future owners can not only have a beautiful, seaworthy and safe vessel, but they can have special features that nobody else has. These will not be special features that are just an experiment, but features clients can touch and feel in other vessels under construction or already floating.”

CRN Mega Yacht 12 CRN Mega Yacht 11 CRN Mega Yacht 9 CRN Mega Yacht 17

As of now, The J’ade seems like the fanciest mega yacht out there, but will someone take up the challenge and try to beat this yacht? Let’s see!

CRN Mega Yacht 10 CRN Mega Yacht 14 CRN Mega Yacht 8

h/t: Daily Mail

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