The Most Common Questions Asked In Every Job Interview [Infographic]

In an interview, there are always two kinds of people; prepared and unprepared. Most of us feel nervous while on our way to a job interview because we are unprepared. Most of us think that there is no need to prepare for an interview. You’ll walk through the door, scramble your way through the questions asked with a lot of Oohh’s & Aahh’s and walk back with a job. Seriously, that’s never going to happen in today’s job market and you can print that.

In today’s ever so changing job market good employment opportunities are hard to come by and when they do, you need to make sure that you are well prepared to make the most of it. Reason, most of the candidates even fail to answer the simplest job interview question i.e. “Tell me about yourself” is the lack of personal inventory. People hardly spend any time to explore one’s own preferences and strengths.

Remember, a job interview is that brief moment for you to shine that can make or break your chances to dictate whether you’re ever given a shot at the job or not. Therefore, it’s better for you to be prepared then to regret.

The following infographic will give you a fair idea about how to prepare for the most common questions asked in every job interview. You don’t have to make-up or cram certain answers, just follow the guidelines and build a personal inventory which will help you to ace any job interview.

And always remember, don’t you ever lie about anything in a job interview. All it will do for you is to show you the exit door much quicker than you originally expected.


Infographic credits: Graphs.net

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