Jeremy Mann’s Cityscapes Show Sublime Character of Big Cities

We may be living and looking at the big cities of the world since forever but it is one thing to look at things and another to observe them. Jeremy Mann falls into the latter category, observing the bustling cities and the people who fail at observing what surrounds them. In doing so, Mann has created beautiful cityscapes with his gritty brush strokes that undoubtedly translate the character of each city in depth. The intriguing paintings will fill you with amazement and might inspire you to see your surrounding in a completely different light.

7th Ave. Night

Empire State

Evening Rains Downtown

Hell’s Kitchen

Manhattan Nights

New York Sunset


Rooftops in the Snow

San Francisco Storm

The City Tempest

The Last Light of San Francisco

The Market Street Steamvent

Times Square Lights


References: Colossal, Gizmodo

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