Raindrop-shaped rain barrel makes it easier to harvest rainwater

Rain is a blessing and its collection can save a lot of water use from external sources. This article is for all those who take water conservation seriously!

As we are all aware that rain collection methods exist on a much larger scale. There, rainwater is collected by different lakes and canals and then treated for consumption or usage. Now, what if I told you that rain collection systems can be installed in your very own backyard?

The Raindrop barrel 3

Image: Studio Bas van der Veer

Planned by a Dutch designer, Bas van de Veer, ‘The Raindrop’ is a modern uptake of traditional rain barrels having very high aesthetic value. The design is elegant and simple; this raindrop shaped apparatus is attached to various drainage pipes  of 50-80 mm diameter where water collection cans are placed to gather water and transfer the surplus water to the contraption for storage. For convenience, the Raindrop is also equipped with a tap for instant use.

The Raindrop barrel 2

Image: Studio Bas van der Veer

The modern barrel also comes in various sizes to cater to the consumer’s demands i.e. the Pure Raindrop mini. Same concepts apply to this water collection facility except it is smaller hence it has the ability to collect lesser amount of water. If you are looking for something larger and bulkier to cater to greater usage, the Pure Rain Barrel can sustain a capacity of up to 125 liters and it comes with its own birdbath! It is also available in new colors and finer finishes giving it a more refined look.

Raindrop Barrel

Image: Studio Bas van der Veer

However, the Raindrop does have certain drawbacks; like the fact that it cannot filter water for a person to consume hence, you are restricted to use it for only non-potable purposes i.e. watering your garden. The flowing water going to the harvester might also pick up pollutants on the way, which may contaminate the water intended for consumable plants.

Furthermore, this contraption will be in the market in 2018 at a hefty price point of $297 that might not be affordable for everyone. However, we can find out if it is worth its price only when we buy it!

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