Caper’s self-checkout smart shopping carts will allow shoppers to skip queues

A few days ago, it was reported that Microsoft and Kroger were working together on a smart shopping solution that utilizes your mobile phone to scan groceries while you shop. Now according to the reports of TechCrunch, a startup known as Caper Labs has moved ahead one step further with that idea and has integrated both the payment terminal and scanning hardware directly into a shopping cart. It also has a small touch screen that is designed to help you navigate through the store and to advertise appropriate promotions.

Currently, the cart’s scanner can only perform the function of a traditional barcode reader while you shop, but the company is planning to make this process more seamless due to its three image recognition cameras, and a weight sensor that is built into the cart. It will allow the users to forget that the items are scanned automatically completely. But we will be happy as long as the cart will not complain about the unknown things in the bagging area.

Caper Self Sevice Checkout Smart Shopping Cart

Image: Caper

The most significant advantage for the supermarkets will be that the number of cashiers will be reduced to calculate the sales and perform operations. The shoppers will also benefit from this facility as it will allow them to skip the queue. The touchscreen on the cart can point out the items on sale in the nearby racks, and hopefully one day it will recommend purchases based on the items already available in the bagging area of the cart. The built-in tablet can be used as a map of a store.

Two retailers in New York City have already installed the Caper’s shopping cart, and according to the startup, the retailers have seen an increase in the sales as a result of using them. It is not seamless in performance as Amazon Go is, but it is less complicated than hundreds of weight sensors and cameras to make its store work.

h/t: The Verge

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