Birdcage Boxer Motorcycle from Revival Cycles is a stunning piece of visual art

The Birdcage is the new addition by BMW in the motorbike industry. Apart from the usual motor, wheels and, seat, the Birdcage employs fine titanium rods to form the main framework of the bike, which makes it an amazing entry in the new custom BMW motorbike catalog.

Revival Cycles Birdcage Motorcycle (8)

The design makes it look like an antique piece of architectural excellence, which was inspired by the Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage. The team at Revival Cycles was able to build this for the Handbuilt show in Austin this year. The cage-like frame is built around a boxer engine which is much bigger than what BMW has come up with so far.

Revival Cycles Birdcage Motorcycle (8) Revival Cycles Birdcage Motorcycle (8)

The features of the motorbike, as can be judged by the release photos, include big diverging cylinders that are accompanied by cooling fins which indicates that this might be a cruising motorbike. Can’t say for sure until details are released.

Revival Cycles Birdcage Motorcycle (8)

The intricate details of the design of the bike include no radiator, mirrors, headlights, or even an apparent fuel tank. The seat appears to be small and not so comfortable.  Any electronic features are not visible either.  The gear stick seems to be on the right side of the bike and the brake on the left foot side. Other features are sturdy to gauge from the pictures alone.

Revival Cycles Birdcage Motorcycle (8) Revival Cycles Birdcage Motorcycle (8)

The Birdcage overall appears not to be a great riding bike, but maybe it’s not intended that way. Perhaps it’s designed to be a great piece of visual art and that it surely is with its beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and clean design along with the fine silver rod cage-like main frame that sets it apart from the usual motorbike. This Birdcage will most likely be turning heads and attracting both bike nerds and the average onlooker in the days to come.

Source: BMW & Revival Cycles (via: BikeEXIF, New Atlas)

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