Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound Edge is weird looking speaker that can be rolled to adjust volume

Speakers just got a new update! Bang and Olufsen graced us with a major speaker release at the Berlin electronic fair IFA 2018. The new Beosound edge is as contemporary and minimalistic as it can get. Almost as large as a car wheel and shaped like one too, the Edge sports a grand 10-inch woofer as well as two pairs of 4-inch midrange drivers and 0.75-inch tweeters. There are six amps too. Furthermore, you can stick the 50 cm tall speaker on to a wall and can rotate it up or down also to adjust the volume!

Bang and Olufsens BeoSound Edge Speaker 1

Image: Bang and Olufsen

Designed by Michael Anastassiades, the Edge comes as an inspiration of UK’s old pound coin that was thick enough to stand on its own. Hence, when the speaker is not mounted on a wall, you can just prop it on the floor and it’ll maintain its stability. Furthermore, touch controls at the top of the speaker enable you to change tracks at wish.

Bang and Olufsens BeoSound Edge Speaker 4

Image: Bang and Olufsen

This polished aluminum wheel has a high-gloss finish to it, which according to the company is an effort to “blend in by standing out”. The wisdom behind this is that since aluminum is reflective, it will resemble your furniture at all times by playing mirror tricks! It does look a little weird when it’s propped up on a wall, but there is a certain edge to it when you push it up to turn up the volume! If that feels a little awkward for you or you don’t want to get fingerprints on the shiny exterior, you can control the volume wirelessly from your phone via a Bluetooth connection.

Bang and Olufsens BeoSound Edge Speaker 2

Image: Bang and Olufsen

We constantly pushed ourselves to distil the idea of removing layers upon layers until what remained was a visibly pure and simple object,” Anastassiades said in a statement “Because what happens when you experience highly visually complex products is an initial impact, but once the novelty of that impact dies there is nothing left.”

Bang and Olufsens BeoSound Edge Speaker 5

Image: Bang and Olufsen

The speaker gets certainly large enough to grab the attention of a large room. Bang & Olufsen has also equipped the speaker with an active bass port, which opens up to allow more bass into the room and it closes again at lower volumes. It also has an accelerometer and a gyroscope, to make it aware of the rolling gesture for volume adjustment, and it comes with a proximity sensor so it lights up when it senses that you’re near and dims down when you move away from it.

Bang and Olufsens BeoSound Edge Speaker 3

Image: Bang and Olufsen

Given all the features, the Beosound Edge is unsurprisingly expensive at a hefty cost of $3,500/€3,250. However, it will give your guests something to talk about and will increase the grandeur of every party you host!

h/t: Dezeen

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