Sunflower home in Spain will let you enjoy the sweeping Mediterranean views from every single corner

As much as you would want to relax in a plush home after travelling a long journey to reach to your Mediterranean getaway location, you would not really want to miss out on the enchanting views even for a second. This is where Sunflower House comes in between. The vacation home is located amidst the hills of Costa Brava in the Cap de Creus peninsula in Port de la Selva, Spain and is designed by Barcelona and Mexico-based Cadaval & Solà-Morales.

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The architectural firm designed the house in a flower pattern so that the residents can absorb the sweeping views from each and every corner of the house. Moreover, the design also lets ample amount of natural light to come in while breaking down the intense winds that can speed up to 112 miles per hour, hence making the aesthetically pleasing house immensely functional as well.

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The two-storied house apart from being a luxurious haven for the tourists, is also perfectly environment friendly with its green roof that stabilizes interior temperature. “The configuration of the house, based on the openings to the different environments that surround it, defines unique relationships with the water and the mountain—its real asset,” states the firm. You can take in the glorious views of the Mediterranean right from the comfort of the bedroom or while lounging in the many terraces of the house or if you please, while swimming in the house’s very own infinity pool. Basically, you will not find yourself alienated from the beautiful surrounding landscape even for a second while residing in this heavenly abode.

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Images: © Sandra Pereznieto

h/t: Yatzer

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