Jet Fighter-Inspired AR Glasses Offer Heads-Up Display For Cyclists

With the integration of augmented reality (AR) into various walks of life, visualization of things has become a different experience altogether. It has found its way in scientific research advancements, education etc. One area where it has yet to make its mark is sports. Athletes and triathletes during practice use different sort of technologies to keep track of their performance. Taking a mobile out of your pocket or using such AR glasses which obscure the view to monitor your activity can be a bit of a hassle for cyclists. To make practice sessions smoother, Everysight an AR company has patented its design for smart glasses which flashes your desired readings without thwarting your practice.

This amazing innovation which uses Everysight’s patented BEAM technology can flash real-time information in front of your eyes such as turn-by-turn navigation, workout metrics like work elapsed time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power without obscuring the view. Many innovations have shared this concept before, like Recon Jet and Garmin Varia Vision, but both of these devices come with a catch of attaching them with user’s sunglasses which sometimes can obstruct the view. Integrated camera to capture video (720p, 60 frames per second) and capability to make phone calls and listening to music through glasses’ frame speakers enhances your experience. Everysight’s AR Glasses offer you all this without any impedance to users’ field of vision.

Everysight Raptor smart glasses 1


Raptor AR Glasses offer a smart control system through voice recognition, touchpad located on raptors’ temples or through a controller mounted on a handlebar. External dedicated sensors capture the full range of workout metrics and the data recorded is synced with the companion mobile app both for android and IOS, which can further be shared to social media or other platforms through fitness apps.

Everysight hasn’t declared the smart glasses’ sipping date yet. But as Raptor AR Glasses are entering into their final stage of development, Everysight opened a test piolet program for users who ride 12 times a month. The previous deadline was 23 December, 2017 but if someone who is a persistent cyclist and wants to get his/her hands first on its consumer version upon its release but haven’t made the initial cut can still participate into an extended program that will be publicized any time soon.

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