Anti pollution mask ATMOBLUE is a smart solution for clean air

ATMOBLUE provides a solution to access clean air for everyone with their smart purifier and anti-pollution mask which can filter out 99% of the air around us. This is the world’s first-ever wearable smart air purifier. It includes a patented air filtration system which uses industrial grade and replaceable filters, all of which can keep 99.97% of the particles away.

The air purifier functions well like all high-end purifiers do, however, this anti-pollution mask includes the advantage of being comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. Through the production of excess air, the ATMOBLUE ensures there is always enough clean air to breathe in.

The smart anti-pollution mask is a recipient of the Reddot design award, the IDSA, and the TechCrunch awards.

ATMOBLUE anti pollution mask

The anti-pollution mask can be customised to fit your style

The top of the smart air purifier includes HEPA caps which are interchangeable caps that you can replace for different colors. It also includes H13 HEPA filters that can block out 99.97% of the pollution air particles. The outer skin can also be interchanged to fit your style. The air fans attached underneath continuously draw in air to make sure you can breathe easily. With the silicone seal, no moisture is left behind. Finally, the head strap makes the air pollution mask easy to wear with added comfort.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask

The story behind the anti-pollution mask

In 2016, the creators were experiencing high levels of air pollution around them. Most of the air purification masks available on the market were only able to filter out the sand and pollen. However, none of the masks catered to the smaller particles like bacteria and PM 2.5. This was where the ATMOBLUE anti-pollution masks came to life.

The team has carried out strenuous research and development and come up with the ATMOBLUE after launching its prototype in Asia. After multiple reviews, publications, and awards, the team introduced the innovative anti-pollution masks for larger consumer market.

The batteries, mask controls, HEPA filters, and head straps, all have undergone some significant changes and improvement. It has also been customized to fit the FCC and UL standards and is currently being reviewed for the US and global state certification.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask 3

Features of the anti-pollution mask

Replaceable H13 HEPA Filters

  • The HEPA filters can block 99.97% of the air particulates.
  • They can be used for at least 150 hours without the need for replacement.
  • With high quality, multi-fold design, it is more efficient.

The folding of the filters adds to the surface area allowing more filtration to take place. The total area exposed by one filter is 9.5 square inches and two of these filters are attached on filter blocks which can slide into the mask.

Better efficiency than N95 and N99 face masks

The N95 filter is only able to filter out 95% of the particulate matter. A better efficiency filter is the N99 filter which can filter out 99% of the particles and is used for high-end jobs like painting and waste clean-up. The H13 HEPA filters do a much better job than the two by blocking out 99.97% of the particulate matter which is 0.3 microns or larger. To compare, a human hair strand is about 75 microns in diameter.

These HEPA filters use melt-brown and nonwoven fabrics which help them block out all sorts of harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pollen, pollutants, smoke, micro-dust, odor, etc.

Parts of the mask

Airflow technology used in the air purifier

  • Dual fans have been incorporated that continuously supply filtered air.
  • Adjust the speed according to your preference using the three airflow control settings.
  • A positive air pressure allows effortless breathing.

Positive air refers to the term used when excess air circulates the mask and is pushed out of the vents. This means that the exhaled air is also pushed out and because of it all the unwanted pathogens that are breathed out are also removed from the mask hence increasing the effectiveness of the air purifier.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask

Control the airflow depending on your level of activity

With the different airflow settings, you can switch between the airflow speed you need. The anti-pollution mask can be set to a light mode when less energetic tasks are being performed or switched to a high strength mode when running or jogging.

The air purifier’s battery usually lasts between 3-5 hours depending upon its usage. A battery life indicator will turn red, notifying the user that it needs to be recharged. You can easily plug it into a USB port until the indicator turns white.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask 5

Soft silicone airtight seal prevents mixing of good and bad air

The soft silicone has been dermatologically tested and helps create an airtight seal that prevents any bad air coming in and the good air going out. It does not damage your skin or leave any marks and is even suitable to wear with glasses preventing any fogging up. It also keeps away any fabric from touching your face and gives you an easy breathing experience.

Data was taken from over 1000 faces with different shapes and sizes so that the mask can fit anyone and everyone. It adds enough contour around the face, leaving the user free to move around.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask 7

Includes a head strap that wraps comfortably around your head

Usually, masks tend to be a source of discomfort as the head straps either applies too much pressure or keep falling off the face. The ATMOBLUE anti-pollution mask has a continuous head-strap that wraps around the head and the neck allowing easy movement. The designers have kept athletes in mind when coming up with a solution to create a head strap that allows you to move around in comfort and us your mobile phone in peace.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask

Interchangeable skins give you style added with comfort

The anti-pollution mask is available in four different colors: Smoke, Pearl, Cement Grey, and Light Pink

To switch between the colors, simply remove the HEPA caps off the mask and replace it with the color of your choice. This way you can match your face masks to your outfit!

With a weight of only 190 grams, you can leave it hanging off your neck or keep it in your handbag without any discomfort.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask

Control the anti-pollution mask via smartphone app

The ATMOBLUE antiviral face mask is accompanied by built-in software and app. This allows you to monitor your metrics, the air quality around you, and control the airflow within your face mask. An iO2 air control algorithm allows the antiviral mask to automatically change the speed of the airflow depending on the user activity. For instance, during exercise, the app will increase the fan speed, reduce the breathing resistance, and offer fresh air. With time, the app is set to incorporate more features.

ATMOBLUE Anti Pollution Mask

The team behind the smart anti-pollution face masks

The team comprises of 9 people, all of whom have been on a mission since the start of 2016, to offset all of the negative impacts caused to the human health by air pollution.

Currently, the ATMOBLUE is available at Indiegogo for $149 at 25% off and will be shipped by August 2020.

All Images: © ATMOBLUE Inc. via Indiegogo

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