Paqsule self-cleaning gym bag promises to clean and deodorize your smelly gym clothes

Everyone who goes to the gym is familiar with the lingering unpleasant odor of sweaty gym clothes and shoes that comes from his or her gym bag. One can eradicate the problem by washing their bag everyday but that is highly inconvenient and time intensive.

The Paqsule provides a quick fix to the problem. This ordinary looking bag does much more than the task of storing your sweaty clothes; it removes their stench as well. It is actually as simple as it sounds too! All you need to do is activate the PaqTech process and the bag does the rest. It starts by trapping the bacteria and beaming Ultraviolet light to sterilize the inside of the bag from any viruses and pathogens. Next, the bag fills itself with ozone, which circulates within the contents, killing bacteria on contact. The entire process takes 35 minutes to finish, and the ozone converts back to oxygen. In short, it is the same principle that causes the air to smell the way it does after a rainstorm occurs.

Paqsule Gym Bag 3

Image: Paqsule

Since the process does not require any water or detergent, users are free to keep any kind of devices or food inside the bag during the self-cleaning procedure. However, for precautionary measures, it is better for sensitive users to open the bag five minutes after cleaning the bag to avoid any reaction due to residual ozone.

For further convenience, the makers have added an iOS and Android app, which enables the user to control the bag from a distance. The user also receives a notification every time the cycle is complete. How convenient is that?

The team also ensures that the bag can kill up to 99.99% of germs. While one cannot test these claims, the fresh smell of clothes after reopening the bag is enough for anyone to believe it.

Paqsule Gym Bag 1

Image: Paqsule

The Paqsule comes with almost 20 other features such as a USB charging port, water resistant technology, removable backpack straps and many more! All these features come with a hefty price tag of almost $300. However, the price seems worth it because once you own a Paqsule, you do not require any other bag.

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