Airbus debuts all-in-one autonomous, modular flying car concept

Driving around the city is a long and tedious task. Especially during a traffic Jam. One gets tired before reaching the destination. Thankfully Airbus in collaboration with Italdesign has come up with a solution for us! Want to find out? Keep on reading!

The company is working on a conceptual car and drone project called the Pop Up system. Development of this modular transportation vehicle might just be the answer to all our traffic congestion problems. It will not only be able to navigate on the ground, while taking the shortest route; it will also be able to take flight and provide air conveyance!

Airbus Flying Car


Now we know there have been many ideas that aim to make air commute on a regular basis, possible. However, this idea aims to keep practicality in mind as well. Powered by artificial intelligence, this device will be able to connect to your phone app and you’ll be able to plan and book your trip with a touch of a button. The module will also select the most favorable path of air or ground travel and the capsule will detach itself from the ground module to fly through the air if required with the help of its eight counter rotating rotors. Best part about all this? It’s completely autonomous! So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your commute as the Pop Up navigates to get you to your desired location.

Once, finished with the trip, the module will return to its recharge station as it waits to be called on by another passenger.

However, this is just a concept; an idea. And although this concept was presented at Geneva Motor Show, it’ll be long before Airbus can actually turn this concept into design and then into a mode of transportation for the common man.

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