ZipStitch adhesive bandage seals wounds without cutting through the skin

Getting bruises and scrapes is a standard part of outdoor adventures. It is the exact reason for why we carry the first-aid kit for when we climb rocks, hike trails or engage ourselves in similar kind of activities. The problem arises when our body receives a cut, and the simple bandages can’t handle it. Since most first-aid kits are not equipped with the stitches, so the ZipStich resolves this issue by letting to close wounds of medium-size without getting stitches.

It is the termed as the only surgical quality wound closure device that can be used without a prescription. The lacerations are treated by this device that would otherwise require a trip to the emergency room in the hospital which is not usually available when deep in the outdoors. It allows you to close serious erstwhile wounds without the requirement of needles and threads and is completely invasive.

Zipstitch Bandage to replace Stiches 3

The ZipStitch comes with four adjustable closures on top that can be used to tighten up the bandage. It can be adjusted to the level until the wound is correctly closed. There is no need of poking holes on the skin like usually done with stitches as it uses a strong adhesive to tightly bond the skin which makes it less painful and less scary. It is flat and comparably tiny, thus allowing you to store multiple units nearby. It can be pulled out as soon as someone needs it. It can even be placed in a bag pouch, in the glove box, in your wallet and almost at any place where it can come useful.

The wound must be cleaned either by using an alcohol wipe or by washing it before using the bandage, then use a clean cloth to make sure that it’s dry. Remove the liner from the sticky side of the ZipStitch and put it firmly on the skin. You must ensure that the center of the bandage is precisely on top of the cut. Once it’s rightly placed, remove the paper at the center of the bandage and start pulling the four adjustable closures to make sure it’s tight enough and the wound is closed. After doing the mentioned steps, lift the tabs and cut them off to fasten the closures in their current position.

Zipstitch Bandage to replace Stiches 2

ZipStitch is designed to close wounds of size up to 1.5 inches long and 1/8 inches wide. It might not cover all sorts of bruises and cuts you can receive while engaging yourself in rough activities. If the wounds are more significant than the size mentioned above, then you must go to ER for stitches to properly applied, but multiple units of ZipStitch can be used as a first-aid remedy in case the hospital is far away.

When compared with traditional sutures, it can deliver eight times better wound protection due to the bandage’s patented closure. This speciality also makes it a better option for small wounds compared to stitches. It comes in a small envelope, and to help stop the bleeding initially it also comes along with a gauze pad, and for cleaning the wound area, an alcohol wipe is provided.

Zipstitch Bandage to replace Stiches 1

The ZipStitch is currently priced at US$29.99.

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