You can never hit the nail in the wrong place with this auto-hammer

DIY projects are cool, yes, but no one can get away with the frustration of hammering a nail into its place while putting up furniture or any other DIY product. This infuriating part is sometimes the only thing that discourages people to move towards completion of the project. However, with Ohio-based product designer Michael David Young’s latest innovation, you’d never leave DIY job in the middle.


auto hammer 14

Young’s auto hammer features a “nail strip” that holds the nails as gun holds the bullets. All you have to do is slightly tap it and it automatically produces and positions the nail in the right place. Speaking about his project Young said, “This is my mad scientist project for the past 6 years. I finally got it to work after many, many prototypes, got my provisional patent and shipped it around to the big tool companies.”

auto hammer 1

auto hammer 11

auto hammer 8

auto hammer 7

Images: © Michael David Young

h/t: Design Boom

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