World’s fastest electric-powered three-seater personal submarine dives to 310ft in just seconds

This one’s for all the divers out there!

You know how you want to be submerged underwater for as long as possible just to explore what lies down there; but the weight of the baggage and equipment prevents you to explore it as extensively as you want? Well your problems have been solved! A Dutch company has created The Ortega Submersible that can help you travel underwater!

Ortega Submersible 1

Basically, this submersible boat-shaped submarine can carry up to 3 persons underwater to a depth of 310ft within seconds! This was possible only by their custom designed batteries called the Hancell 378i. Four of these batteries power up two electric motors required to transport people to such depths at a maximum speed of 11 knots. Impressive, isn’t it? What’s even more notable is that you won’t actually have to “wear” breathing equipment because this amazing device carries it for you! Its on-board breathing equipment-with extra air supply- allows you to navigate underwater without carrying such heavy loads. Furthermore, the submersible is also fully equipped with navigation capabilities so you won’t ever get lost. Its Forward Looking Infrared Cameras (FLIC) and extra cargo space- which can sustain about 250 liters- are a cherry on top of the icing!

Ortega Submersible 3

We now know that the functions within Ortega have been provided for maximum convenience and comfort. However, did you know that its design serves the same purpose? Its open-top shape allows divers to exit the submersible with great ease-although they need to wear their oxygen tanks when they do-. The design also ensures that the boat can be parked like a car underwater as you get out for some sight-seeing; and when you desire to come back up to the surface, it’s long and sleek shape makes it feel exactly like coming up from the waters in a submarine.

Ortega Submersible 2

Initially designed for marine biologists and underwater archeologists, the company says that it can be used by any diver who is determined enough. Although they don’t provide prices on their website, but people who are actually willing to buy their product can contact them personally on the emails/numbers provided on their contact page.

Ortega Submersible 4

So all there is left to say is: Thank you! For making the diving experience more exciting and user-friendly!

Images via Ortega Submersibles and Ortega Submersibles Facebook

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