Wi-Fi Porter allows guests to connect to a Wi-Fi network without entering password

We all are aware of the scenario when our family and friends visit us, and they all want to know the password to connect to the Wi-Fi network that means spending your time in reading out the passcode for your network. The newly introduced Wi-Fi porter can solve this problem.

This puck-shaped device uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to allow the guests to access your Wi-Fi network. The same technology enables mobile payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay. The phone to be connected to the network must be NFC-compatible, but there is also a backup option available in case of non-compatible phones.

Wi Fi Porter 5

Image Credits: Ten One Design

NFC technology enables secure swapping of data in a short-range. The network credentials are stored in the Wi-Fi porter, and once your relative or a friend taps on the device, an instant connection is made and details are transferred across to the device by just tapping the Join Wi-Fi button that appears on the screen of the phone. It is all about the simplicity that is offered by Wi-Fi porter, as there is no need to type a lengthy passcode.

Most of the new Android devices come with NFC on board. The previous versions of iPhones had NFC only for mobile payments, but now this tech is fully integrated into the iPhone X, iPhones XS, and the iPhone XS Max. If there is no functionality of NFC in your phone, then you can get connected to the Wi-Fi porter through the QR code that is visible on the bottom of the device. Though it will not be fast in getting connected to the network, still it is better than typing the passcode manually.

Wi Fi Porter 1

Image Credits: Ten One Design

Swapping Wi-Fi login credentials using NFC tags isn’t a new idea, as it involved additional steps including the installation of an app. During the same time, one can type the password easily in the phone from the back of the router. In this particular case, there is no need to install an app, but it only requires you to set up the device at the start by adding Wi-Fi credentials to it.

Another use for the Wi-Fi porter is in hotels and coffee shops, with customers and guests able to get online with a single tap of their phones. It can make the process a lot easier for giving access to Wi-Fi network if you run an Airbnb. This technology is beneficial in a way that it doesn’t require any power supply or batteries for its operation. So you can leave the device out without worrying about its power supply.

Wi Fi Porter 3

Image Credits: Ten One Design

The standard model of Wi-Fi porter costs US$39.95, while the limited edition with an Italian leather topping is available for US$59.95. The device can be ordered directly from Ten One Design.

h/t: New Atlas

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