This photographer shows behind the lens process of getting the perfect Insta picture!

There’s no harm or shame in accepting the fact that posting self-indulgent pictures on Instagram has become a guilty pleasure for all of us. But, we all know that the perfect Instagram pictures are not as easy to take as they might seem. Every photograph that you like on the said platform is actually a product of immense efforts, planning and spot-on execution. Calipatria-based photographer and graphic designer Calob Castellon walks us through the process of capturing Instagram-worthy photographs through his recent series. You will get to see how the most mundane locations such as a grocery shop is turned into an exotic background for the photographs with just a little bit of creativity and a lot of willingness. Check out this amazing series right here!

insta 10

insta 9

insta 8

insta 7

insta 6

insta 5

insta 4

insta 3

insta 2

insta 1

All Images: © Colab Castellon

h/t: Demilked

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