Photographer captures a mesmerizing lakeside red cabin in different seasons for 5 long years

There are few sights that one sees in a lifetime but can never get out of their mind. For Norwegian landscape photographer and math teacher Ole Henrik Skjelstad, this sight was of a red cabin off the shore of a lake that he first saw from his house. What’s interesting is that Skjelstad took out time to preserve this captivating sight not only for himself but also for the world to see. The photographer captured the same red cabin year after year, in different seasons from his Pentax 645Z and Pentax K-1 Mark II. Till now, he has managed to capture the mesmerizing red cabin encased in ice and under the glory of Aurora borealis however, his personal favourite remains to be the one in which the cabin is showered with warm golden light.

“There is a romantic quality to red cabins, and they also carry hope and perhaps a promise of relaxing and worry-free days shielded from this world’s many problems, challenges, and stress,” Skjelstad states when asked about the reason of his photography series. He has won several accolades from this unexpected project, including Silver Medal in the Epson Pano Awards 2017 and editor’s choice on 500px and National Geographic.

red cabin 11 red cabin 10 red cabin 9 red cabin 8 red cabin 7 red cabin 6 red cabin 5 red cabin 4 red cabin 3 red cabin 2 red cabin 1

All Images: © Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Ole Henrik Skjelstad: Website | Instagram | 500px | Medium

h/t: My Modern Met

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