This flipped iceberg features incredibly beautiful blue hues on its underside

After watching Titanic in our adolescent years, we all have the impression that icebergs are white boulders of ice that are horrendous because they cause dreadful ship crashes which ultimately lead to the death of a handsome hero along with his blossoming love story. However, interface designer and filmmaker Alex Cornell’s recent expedition to Antarctica might bring the much-needed change in your reserved opinions about icebergs. In the latest trip, Cornell relished a rare sight of a flipped over iceberg that had beautiful hues of blue, ranging from light aqua to teal to jet black. The vivid blues made the massive iceberg look like an incredible piece of art or as Cornell quotes, “more like a galactic artifact than anything terrestrial”.

According to the knowledge shared by Jan Lieser, a marine glaciologist at the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Co-operative Research Center in Tasmania the icebergs appear white due to the trapped air bubbles inside the snow but this particular glacier features different shades of blue because of the lack of air bubbles in it which must have resulted due to the pressure of the accumulating snow. Cornell was kind to photograph and share this stunning piece of nature with the world and you can check them out right here!

iceberg 3

iceberg 4

iceberg 5

iceberg 2

Images: © Alex Cornell

h/t:: Colossal

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