These photographs of sharks are as up close as it can get

It is not an everyday miracle to spot sharks so close to the shore that you can photograph them right away from your perch and this is why these photographs by Sean Scott are absolutely gold. Scott was able to capture these amazing photographs while he was going towards a desolate camping location known as the Red Bluff in Western Australia. He caught the sight of sharks feasting on a bait ball of about 200 small fish near the shore and as soon as the fish moved closer to the land, the sharks got trapped into a rising wave hence giving Scott some extraordinary aquatic shots.

“The shore break was quite large so the first wave came and I fired off a test shot to get my exposure and focus right,” Scott states while recollecting his memories of that day. “The very next wave rose up right on the shore, and sure enough there were 2 big sharks in excess of 2 meters in the wave. I snapped away and ended up with 3 of my favorite shots. I stayed and waited for a further 2 hours and did not see them in that close again.”

sharks 9 sharks 6 sharks 3 sharks 4 sharks 10 sharks 5 sharks 11

sharks 8

sharks 1 sharks 2 sharks 7

Image Credits: © Sean Scott

Sean Scott: Website | Instagram | Facebook

h/t: My Modern Met, Colossal

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