These jaw-dropping residential pavilions with Rocky Mountain views is a minimalists dream

This 6,561 square feet house is one of the most jaw dropping and gorgeous residential areas you will see on the internet today!

Originally known for designing minimalistic residences, architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen just blew us all away with what seems to be the exact opposite of his signature style. Facing the hilly landscape, this house stands on a 35-acre land outside Telluride, Colorado along with its ten clustered pavilions located around a court, which you can drive to on the gravel road.

The interior is equipped with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a movie theater, a hot tub and so much more. To mask all the grandeur, the walls are all white and the ceilings vaulted; which also make the house blend into the forested mountain range. Moreover, in order to feel connected to the nature, Architects Hugh and Simon Jacobsen also attached floor-to-ceiling windows. Not only that, with each pavilion having its own patio, you can sit and relax outside anywhere outside the house!

However, given all the facilities and breathtaking location, 1068 Wilson Way stands at $16.9 million. So if you’re willing to buy a mansion in a mountain range, head on out and check out this beauty!

1068 Wilson Way 3 1068 Wilson Way 6 1068 Wilson Way 10 1068 Wilson Way 4 1068 Wilson Way 2 1068 Wilson Way 1 1068 Wilson Way 11 1068 Wilson Way 9 1068 Wilson Way 8 1068 Wilson Way 7

All Images: © Jacobsen Architecture

h/t: Curbed

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