These bright-eyed photographs of animals might be your guiding light for today

Nobody has it easy when it comes to life but if we focus, there are guiding lights all around us to give us the energy to go on. Polish artist and graphic designer Dawid Planeta tried to convey just that hope through his “Mini People in the Jungle” series which he conceived during his fight against depression. The mystical setting of his artwork shows giant beasts with hue eyes, illuminating the darkness all alone and in the midst of each picture of the series, a young boy looks determined to fight it all by openly accepting the enormous challenge.

Planeta discussed the thought behind his work in a statement, “Depression – it’s not easy to deal with, but when you try, you can stop thinking about it as a weakness and turn it into something brilliant. That’s what I aim to accomplish with my art. [The] things I’m trying to depict are dark, mysterious and frightening, but if you look closely, you will find excitement, passion and joy.”

dark 11

dark 10

dark 9

dark 7

dark 8

dark 5

dark 6

dark 4

dark 3

Images: © Dawid Planeta

h/t: Colossal

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