WaveFlyer electric hydrofoil jet-ski cruises above water surface

We all are familiar with jet-ski, their usage and love riding them. Well then, there is good news for people who cannot resist riding a jet-ski. And, I am pretty sure we all have been waiting for innovations like this one.

So, we know what a conventional jet-ski is. They are like motorbikes. The ‘Wave flyer electric hydrofoil Jet-ski’ is like a normal jet-ski but when stationary. Once you are on it, only then you can see and feel the difference of how it cuts through the surface and rises above the waves. It basically merges these two characteristics, and you will feel like electric propulsion is thrown and will give you the best ride. The best part is that the rider can fly above the waves for over 30 minutes and two riders can be accommodated.

Waveflyer Electric Hydrofoil Jet-Ski

UWA REV Director Professor Thomas Braunl said “two kilowatt-hours of energy is loaded in the lithium-ion batteries, so the watercraft can be easily operated for more than 30 minutes while carrying two riders. This amazing WaveFlyer feels more like flying above water instead of riding a conventional jet-ski. There is tremendous commercial potential for this eco-friendly watercraft.

Waveflyer Electric Hydrofoil Jet-Ski

Galaxy Resources funding has made this development possible to support the research and the expertise of Electro Aero in building electric propulsion and flight control systems.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Electro Aero Joshua Portlock said this technology is not only environmentally friendly, but it will also improve the safety, experience and efficiency of personal watercraft.

Mr Portlock said that they are very excited about the Wave Drive hydrofoil electric propulsion system as it is a technology that will help in revolutionising the watercraft industry.

Waveflyer Electric Hydrofoil Jet-Ski

The partnership between the University of Western Australia, Perth’s Renewable Energy Vehicle Project, Perth’s Electro Aero and Galaxy Resources resulted in WaveFlyer.

Well, no new updates are there at this point. It is being said by the Project’s Professor ‘Thomas Brauni’ that he sees the tremendous commercial potential for this eco-friendly watercraft.

For now, we are waiting for more details and hoping for the best.

All Images: © Electro Nautic

h/t: Design Boom

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