Sea Cabins at Manshausen offer an ideal retreat from the world

Imagine being in a place where sparkling still water of fjord surround your day and Northern Lights excite you with their play at night. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Now imagine experiencing all of this but in the comfort of a beautifully constructed cabin. This is exactly what polar explorer Børge Ousland envisioned and so he collaborated with Tromsø-based studio, Stinessen to turn his vision into a reality. Ouslond chose a remote island called Manshausen in Steigen Archipelago in Northern Norway as the location of this cabin. The design studio erected an aluminium cabin with floor to ceiling windows so that the guests don’t miss out on the stunning scenic beauty of this island even for a second.

“The cabins are designed to offer their guests shelter and comfort while at the same time underlining the dramatic experience of the elements outside; the sea, landscape, changing lights, weather and different seasons”, states the design firm.

cabin 5 cabin 4 cabin 7 cabin 8 cabin 9 cabin 3 cabin 11 cabin 10 cabin 6 cabin 2 cabin 1

All Images: © Steve King
Property: Manshausen Sea Cabins
Architects: Snorre Stinessen Architecture
h/t: Ignant

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