Reanult’s EZ-Ulitmo concept is a luxurious self-driving lounge to haul passengers

Ever since the advent of autonomous cars, it seems that creativity within the vehicle industry has died down. However, Renault brings a refreshing change within the autonomous category with its EZ-ultimo concept car. The new concept aims to challenge everything you know about luxury driving and redefine it in the most beautiful way possible. Renault EZ-ultimo will essentially function as a mobile lounge meant to transport people for as long as they demand, which could be an hour or even a day.

Renault has explored the potential of autonomous vehicles in great depth starting from last year’s Symbioz driving/living concept and moving on to this year’s EZ series. The company previously exhibited the ways autonomy can rule our everyday carpooling experience with the Geneva-debuted EZ-Go and moved towards delivering packages without human interference as shown in the EZ-pro last month. Finally, the EZ-family is complete with the EZ-Ultimo that would run against the Ubers and taxis of the future.

The Level 4 autonomous vehicle would lie in the upper tier of transportation i.e. among the private car and limousine services. This means that EZ-Ultimo would be for three or fewer passengers to allow for maximum comfort and privacy within the vehicle. They may use it for special occasions or even for an everyday commute to work.

“As consumer trends change and people are enjoying ride-hailing services more and more, a new paradigm for mobility will emerge,” explains Laurens van den Acker, Renault SVP of corporate design. “Embodying this revolution, EZ-Ultimo offers a unique luxurious experience aboard a robo-vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider. Inspired by contemporary architecture, and completely integrated in future smart cities, EZ-Ultimo will provide an exclusive experience for all.”

Despite its small seating capacity, the EZ-Ultimo measures 0.5 meters (1.6 feet), longer at 5.7 m (18.7 feet), while its wheels lie on a 3.88 m (12.7 m) wheelbase. All the extra space is made of spacious French luxury interior with wooden floors, leather upholstery and even marblework. For maximum extravagance, the seats come with a marble table lying along the side with an actual hanging lamp to lighten up the roomy inside. A detailed latticed pattern gives a grilled view of the outside as a glass mosaic located outside looks almost like a gemstone on wheels. If that wasn’t enough, the wheels even cater to fancy detailing that draws the viewer in.

While all the space might make the interior look empty, designers claim that it’s meant for a purpose. Before opening the door, the lounge chair slides to the door from its designated position at the front of the vehicle. One of the passenger chairs can also rotate and slide back into place with ease.  In addition, passengers also get a WiFi via 5G antenna while a smartphone app allows you to book the vehicle and decide the route and destination.

The Renault EZ-Ultimo certainly creates an aura of extravagance and immense comfort for the rider making it the ultimate taxi experience.

All Images: Courtesy of Renault

Source: Renault via  New Atlas

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