Undulating apartment complex, The Wave looks stunning on Danish fjord

Architectural firm “Henning Larsen Architects” keeps popping up on the lists of best buildings repetitively for the last few years. Henning Larsen is a name of one of the most professional and progressive architectural practices worldwide. Their most recent projects include the unusual Eysturkommuna Town Hall and The Wave, its newly-completed project. The residential building possesses an undulating form, which is divided into five sections.

The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 2 The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 3

The total floor capacity of The Wave is roughly 150,964 square feet (14,000 square meters) and is situated on the edge of a fjord in Vejle, Denmark. Each of the five sections of The Wave hosts 20 apartments. Each apartment has floor space in the range of 1,000 – 2,130 square feet (97 – 198 square meters), plus a penthouse having a floor space of 2,744 square feet (255 square meters) over two floors. The apartments are glazed from the front and skylights are also installed to maximize the light. Some of the apartments feature their own balconies too.

The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 5 The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 6

Denmark is relatively flat, and the undulating design of this architectural masterpiece is inspired by the surrounding hills that are noteworthy, and as well as the lapping of the fjord’s water. According to the Partner and Design Director at Henning Larsen, Søren Øllgaard, the harbor front in Vejle is the only place in the world where this building can be situated. The building’s architecture works here because it interplays with the design of the bridge, the lapping of Vejle Fjord, and the surrounding hills.

The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 7 The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 8

However, the construction of The Wave was not as smooth as the building seems. They had a troubled construction process. Two out of the five sections were completed long ago back in 2007, but the firm had to postpone the project, and the other three sections remained incomplete due to the global financial crisis in 2008. But after 11 years of the groundbreaking ceremony, The Wave has now been finally completed.

The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 4 The Wave by Henning Larsen Architects 1

All Images: © Jacob Due

Project: The Wave

Architects: Henning Larsen Architects

Location: Vejle, Denmark

h/t: Design Boom

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