Mitsubishi has manufactured skylights for offices with aim of improving productivity

Just like the sun, the Mitsubishi Misola LED skylight varies its colors throughout the day.

The main idea behind this creation was to better the office environment which is otherwise bleak and without windows. This could be a lifesaver for employees.

This may be the perfect solution for offices where they don’t get a lot of light and the place is usually packed with people taking up multiple rows full of cubicles.

Sunshine naturally keeps everyone cheerful and optimistic so when people are trapped inside for extended periods of the day, their levels of energy tend to plummet.

In order to eradicate these unmotivated feelings, as to get maximum productivity out of workers, Mitsubishi revealed its Misola LED skylight. This is meant to mimic the way the sun travels across the sky since these LED panels resemble skylights and these can be fixed onto walls or ceilings.

It’s made up of 4 panels, where one is made to appear darker just like the shadow the actual Sun forms. The rest of panels adjust their colors throughout the course of the day, corresponding with the daylight changes.

Anyone passing by the LED skylight would not probably notice that these aren’t actual windows providing them a direct view of the outdoors.

The Misola skylight was designed with the intention of improving the lives of employees working in offices and warehouses. According to the company, these panels would also be great in improving morale in hospitals and nursing homes.

Installing these skylights could cost establishments quite a bit. The cost of the version that would be manually programmed would start at $6,200, while the deluxe versions pricing begins at $6,800 which come with automated timers. These would be available for purchase starting in October of this year.

Image Credits: © Mitsubishi Electric

h/t: Interesting Engineering

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