Inked Illustrations Of Popular Novels Along With An Excerpt Is A Dream Come True For The Bibliophiles!

We all have our ways of keeping the books that we love, close to our hearts and fresh in our memories. More than often, people tend to achieve this by building various associations with their favourite texts. Obvious State, a creative studio based in New York City came up with their unique idea of printing ink posters with quotes of well-known books and an illustration to go along with the text that would most definitely remind the bibliophiles of the overall setting of the novel or maybe refresh their memories by giving them just a little flashback of their favourite novels.

The collection, aptly named as, ‘Bibliophilia’ is minimalist in its design while the text-illustration combination further enhances the vibe of that particular literature. Each interpretation of the excerpt takes the book readers back into the enchanting world of literature which is something very precious for readers all around the world. It is due to sharing this out of the world feeling that ‘Obvious State’ has struggled so hard to shift to the letterpress so that a refined print of these large ink-based posters can come out to the people who would enjoy looking at them every single day of their lives.

The company is crowdfunding as of now on Kickstarter to reach their goal which will help them to start off with printing via letterpress and if they happen to exceed their goal then customers can have the chance of being pleasantly surprised by customized creations, too!

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Images: Obvious State

Reference: Kickstarter

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