Off grid box delivers clean drinking water and power anywhere and to everyone!

Unfortunately, clean water and electricity have become mere luxury for a considerable part of the world. Millions living in remote areas are devoid of such basic necessities. So, the big question is, how can we put an end to this disparity?

One such solution is the ‘Off Grid Box’. Based in Italy, Boston as well as Rwanda, the off-grid box is an all-in-one system that provides both sustainable energy and safe drinking water to all remote areas over the world. Starting with how it looks, the off-grid box is 6 x 6 x 6 feet container which has all hardware installed needed to generate electricity and clean water. This consists of a solar panel array, a water collection system, an integrated inverter, a water storage tank, a battery pack and finally a water treatment system.

Off grid Box 7

Image: Off Grid Box

Off grid Box 5

Image: Off Grid Box

Let’s get to its working mechanism – the solar panel array captures and converts solar energy into direct current which is then transformed into usable electricity by the integrated inverter. Similarly, the water storage tank collects the untreated water and the treatment system cleanses it.

Off grid Box 8

Image: Off Grid Box

As for the operation and maintenance, the off-grid box is quite easy to set up and run because of its robust design which entails strong steel, durable paint coating and extensive research and development. This gives it resistance against all environmental conditions. Moreover, the entire system is environmentally friendly since it utilizes solar energy – this means that it does not contribute to 1.97 tons of CO2 per year that it would have, had it been using fossil fuels.

Off grid Box 3

Image: Off Grid Box

Moreover, the off-grid box has the ability to provide clean water and electricity to an entire rural village. It can also be used in disaster relief as natural disasters tend to disrupt communication, power supplies and safe water supplies.

All in all, the off-grid box sounds promising so let’s hope it reaches to all the people in need!

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