IKEA introduces a user friendly remote control for SONOS speakers

IKEA has designed a remote control for its Sonos speakers named Symfonisk remote and it has been displayed in French IKEA website. The remote costs around 15 Euros. The symfonisk remote controls the Sonos speakers like its volume etc and it can be found handy in a household. The remote control works in a very user-friendly manner. You need to push it once in order to pause the track, push it again to play, push it two times to change the track forward and three times to change it backward. Rotate the controller clockwise or anticlockwise to raise or lower the volume, easy. You can mount the remote over a table or attach it comfortably on to a wall as it comes with a magnet back. The controller comes in two color variants, black and white. The symfonisk remote control is the latest gadget developed by IKEA and it is safe to expect a vast variety of such smart gadgets coming from it as the smart home is the new goal.

IKEA remote control for speakers

Image Credits: © IKEA
h/t: Designboom

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