Meet the Most Advanced Futuristic Cruise Ship: The Quantum of Seas

The Royal Caribbean’s “Quantum of Seas” boasts to be the most technologically advanced ship ever to sail. It is the third largest cruise ship with 2,090 cabins and claims to be the most futuristic cruise ship on water ever. With bionic bartenders, a skydiving simulator, ice skating arena and other on-board entertainment facilities, Quantum of Seas gives its guests a unique experience altogether.

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Sky Diving Simulator (Photo Courtesy Royal Caribbean)

Quantum of Seas brags about its smart internet connectivity with more bandwidth than all the cruise ships in the world combined so you can download anything, stream videos, share your on-board experience through social media and connect with your friends and family through skype while being right in the middle of the ocean with equal internet speeds as on land.

Another attraction that sets Quantum of Seas apart from other cruise ships is its North Star, a glass pod powered by a massive hydraulic arm on the ship’s upper deck. It can hold upto 15 passengers at a time and lift them 300 feet above sea level to give stunning 360-degree views of the ocean around.

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North Star (Photo Courtesy Royal Caribbean)

The Quantum of Seas has a whole lot more to offer than you can ever imagine. Just scroll down and watch the video that we have listed down for you. You won’t believe your eyes what you are about to see. Ciao!

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