‘Digital Ink’ smart poster brings an artistic twist to daily weather forecasts

You can check the weather forecast for any day on your smartphone. Typified has launched something which is more inventive and arty but less conspicuous – a digital ink poster which will change color according to the forthcoming weather whereas the symbols will change throughout the day following the fluctuations in the weather forecast.

The poster which is made of extra thick paper is mounted in a glass frame made from American oak with a top of the plastic back plate. The electronic circuit of the device is formed by PCB manufacture, and other supplementary components are CNC machined. However, the real action is done by the smart ink which is heat sensitive and thus is used to print the weather symbols on its screen. As the weather fluctuates, so does the ink on the paper. It shows three symbols for whether – a sun, a cloud, and third is precipitation cloud/rain for four times in a day after an interval of every four hours – 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm. In addition to this, one thing is noticeable that smart ink might not work appropriately in room temperatures exceeding 29°C (84°F).

Typified Digital Ink Smart Weather Poster 2

The poster runs on your home internet via Wi-Fi whole day, and it will receive all the weather updates from the internet. Here the back plate will show its function; each time it selects and heats one of the symbols mentioned above which causes the relevant logo by turning itself in white while leaving the other symbols in the blue background.

The device weighs 3.4lb which is almost 1.6kg excluding the electric outlet in which it will be plugged in.

If you are interested, the poster is available to pre-order, and you can get a Typified Smart Weather Poster through its Kickstarter campaign for which a pledge of US $137 will be required that includes two-year access to online weather forecast service. You will have to pay after that, a subscription fee per year of US $7.50. Currently, the retail price for the product is US $179. Typified plans to create five various design series by enhancing its components and changing its visual theme as a whole.

All Images: © Typified

h/t: New Atlas

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