Bowls Made Entirely Out of Leaves Aim To Cut Down Plastic Waste

If you are an advocate of ‘Go Green’ slogan then you are going to love this product. German company ‘Leaf Republic’ has manufactured a stunning product for outdoor tableware use. It is manufactured completely out of tree leaves and yet not a single tree has been cut down in this cause, as claimed by the manufacturers. Now you can ditch the plastic or paper bags which are the foremost factors in burgeoning pollution.

Disposable tableware which is entirely renewable and biodegradable is perfect for picnics. This innovative tableware is made out of large leaves which are sewed together with palm leaf fibers and ultimately molded into the desired bowl shapes. These bowls decompose within a month when disposed of and get mixed in soil as compared to plastic disposable tableware which takes over two years.

Leaf Republic Leaf Bowls 2

Image: Leaf Republic

The bowls are being manufactured in a factory based in Munich, Germany using CNC mills and pressing machines. Green leaves bowls which go by the nickname: ‘One-way dishes’ are free of any kind of plastic, additives, oil, glues or any other chemicals. Every biodegradable bowl consists of three layers: a water-resistant leaf-made paper layer crammed between two layers of squeezed and sewed leaves. The dishes additionally accompany a discretionary cover produced using bio-plastic or reused plastic.

Leaf Republic Leaf Bowls 1

Image: Leaf Republic

The company’s motive behind this innovative product is to discourage the use of disposable plastic food containers. According to company’s campaign on Kickstarter, every two seconds, wood of about a size of a soccer field is cut down and cumulatively that makes an area of 13 million hectares per year and comparing it to the size of small-area countries, it equals the size of England. As far as garbage dumping is concerned, more than one billion (109) ton of such waste is being dumped which is equivalent to the size of Mount Everest. Every plastic or paper made plate adds to this heap of garbage which we are drowning in. Company is motivated to ameliorate this issue by encouraging people towards this product.

Leaf Republic

Image: Leaf Republic

As per Leaf Republic, “this is not only about outdoor tableware, it is about food packaging. It is about preventing plastic waste. It is about preventing trees from being cut down for paper production. It is about the next generations.”

Author’s Note: We are in this world for a brief time and every decision that we make, mounts up to some good or evil in the longer run. If our actions start up a chain to a sustainable, social and rewarding community, then definitely our coming generations would get an inspiration and may work for the same cause. Green leaves bowls is just a step towards building a healthier society, so we should all encourage these start-ups and chip in to make this society self-sustainable.

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