Conventional Black Dress Gets A Classic Makeover

A black dress is almost like a wardrobe essential for every girl and Emily Steel has given an exceptional twist to the conventional must-have black dress.

Steel, a former student of Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design is so fascinated by classic movies that she merged her two interests to create a black dress that is wearable piece of technology and art. The dress is made out of individual slide film images that are backed with LED’s. The “Little Slide Dress” looks like any usual shiny black dress when ample amount of light is available but as soon as it gets dark, the rock and roll side of the dress comes out with LED lights making their move on the films integrated to the dress. This effect is achieved by integrating the Arduino Lilypad with light sensors, which detect the amount of light available and hence controlling the glow of the dress. Moreover, since the dress uses recycled films, the dress has an eco-friendly dimension to it as well.

Steel has managed to link the modern technology with today’s fashion scenes by using the classic old films as a bridge and it has definitely worked like magic.

The Little Dress 2
The Little Dress 3

Image: © Emily Steel

H/T: The Verge

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