All the gym freaks can now monitor their muscle growth through XLFLEX in real time

All the bodybuilders must understand the need to measure the growth of their muscles, among other things it is one of the biggest source of motivation. It is a common practice to use a measuring tape to measure the growth of the muscles from time to time. Visual Gains, an entrepreneurial establishment that is based in Texas designed and developed XLFLEX so as to provide constant real-time measurements while the users are working out.

XLFLEX is basically a belt which is secured over the various muscles in the body that the user wants to measure including biceps, triceps, forearms, thighs and calves. The device is obviously sweat-proof. During workouts when the user is lifting weights, a sensor measures the change in the margins of the particular muscles. The measured data is presented on an LCD screen that has been built into the device, in either inches or centimeters. The data can also be transmitted to the user’s phone via bluetooth to an Android or iOS app.

XLFLEX Muscle Measurement Device 2

The LCD screen is flexible and can be flipped so that it can be positioned in a way that the screen is visible to the user, no matter where the device is worn. The screen can also be turned around so that when being viewed in a mirror it appears the right way to the user. For the purpose of protecting users’ privacy the screen has the feature that allows you to blank it out.

The app allows the users to set targets for the size they want their muscles to grow to. The app documents their progress over time and notifies the users when they reach their target goals. At one time the app can track more than one XFLEX devices fastened to different parts of the user’s body.

XLFLEX Muscle Measurement Device 1

While the device can record a circumference of upto 25 inches the minimum circumference size of the belt or XFLEX device is 12 inches. So the device is particularly designed for users who have been working out and progressed pretty forward in the bodybuilding journey.

The XLFLEX is part of a Kickstarter campaign at the moment, if you make a pledge right now it will cost you US$135 and you can receive it as soon as the first batch is manufactured, i.e. if the product receives enough pledges. Whilst the retail price is expected to be $289.

XLFLEX Muscle Measurement Device 3

All Images: © Visual Gains via Kickstarter

h/t: New Atlas

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