KANO and Microsoft launched build-it-yourself computers for school kids

Nowadays, children have access to almost everything through their parents’ smartphones. From a very young age, they start using their parents’ phones and use it continuously to play games, whether they’re online or offline. Some parents, however, fear the fact that in this way they can also misuse the smartphone as they have access to the Internet. And continuous use of smartphones can have an adverse effect on their health, too.

Kano Build it Yourself Laptop 3

Kano Build it Yourself Laptop 1

But now thanks to this fantastic technology by Kano, which offers a DIY two-in-one laptop that is just made for kids. It is a partnership between Kano and Microsoft to let the kids build a computer. It is a DIY Windows 10 computer, basically designed to allow the kids to learn to create and code.

KANO and Microsoft DIY Laptop KANO and Microsoft DIY Laptop

This fantastic PC has an 11.6-inch tablet. It also consists of a foldable keyboard. The whole system runs on a board sporting 1.4 GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8350 quad-core processor. Besides this, it has 4 GB of DDR3L RAM and 64 GB of storage that can be expanded by just popping a micro SD card. It has a built-in microphone and features two ports of USB (one USB 3.0 and the other USB 2.0). It has Bluetooth 4.2, have wireless capabilities with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it has an HDMI connector and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

KANO and Microsoft DIY Laptop KANO and Microsoft DIY Laptop

It is featured to install applications only from Microsoft store and hence, runs Windows 10 in S mode. Learning material is already available in it, and kids would love to use this technology. It allows them to create different emojis using binary codes. As well as, playing with touch and sound and having all the fun with its memory and processor.

KANO and Microsoft DIY Laptop

We should all have a guide, the opportunity to make a computer, to customize it, and take control of the technology that makes up our society,” said Kano’s Alex Klein. “We are thrilled to share this vision with Microsoft and co-create a learning, making, and playing experience with the power of Windows and the creativity of Kano.”

KANO and Microsoft DIY Laptop

It is expected that Kano PC will be on sale soon worldwide. But for now, if you do not want to waste your kid’s time, then you can order this PC for US$299.99.

All Images: © KANO

h/t:The Verge

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