This abandoned barn gets a makeover that tourists will fall in love with

Good architecture never fails to be of some use even after it has been abandoned for years and years, provided that visionaries come forward to renovate them efficiently. Something similar happened to an old barn in Norway which was built some 50 years ago. Architecture studio OPA Form renovated the whole space in a way that it did not meddle with the original rustic look of the barn. The firm quite simply installed a sleeping module in the main cattle stable which overlooks the newly added sculptural window, providing magnificent views of Norway’s Myrkdalen Valley and can accommodate four guests at one time. What’s amazing is that the module does not spoil the façade of the barn or even the rough surfaces that it exists on.

This purposeful renovation doesn’t only save a historical building from becoming a discarded ruin but increases the tourism opportunities of the area as well hence making a good piece of architecture into a great one!

barn 4

Image credit: Espen Folgeroe

barn 8

Image credit: Marina Bauer

barn 6

Image credit: Espen Folgeroe

barn 1

Image credit: Espen Folgeroe

barn 5

Image credit: Espen Folgeroe

barn 2

Image credit: Espen Folgeroe,

barn 10

Image credit:  Virre Dahl

barn 7

Image credit: Finn Borrows

Architects: OPA FORM

h/t: Inhabitat

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