These sweeping views from Aurland Lookout will take your breath away

There are only few examples in the architectural world where the manmade artifacts have accentuated the beauty of natural landscape instead of diminishing it and one such wonder is the Aurland Lookout in the Sogn og Fjordane region of Norway. The Lookout was designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen back in 2002 as part of their project to design tourist routes, commissioned by the Norwegian Highway Department however, its construction was completed in 2006.

aurland lookout 19

aurland lookout 20

aurland lookout 5

aurland lookout 4

aurland lookout 2

aurland lookout 3

aurland lookout 6

aurland lookout 7

aurland lookout 9

aurland lookout 10

aurland lookout 11

Images by: Bent René Synnevåg via Saunders

h/t: Saunders

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