Ten Tallest Structures of Their Own Kind

You must have heard about the tallest buildings, you must also have learned about the tallest towers in the world, let’s take the idea of “Being Tallest” towards a different dimension and have a look at the top 10 tallest structures in the world of their own king.

Tallest Monument

The stainless steel Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri, USA, is considered to be the tallest monument. It was completed on 28th October 1965 to commemorate the westward expansion after the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. It is a sweeping arch rising to 192m (630 ft).

Tallest Chimney

The chimney of GRES-2 Power Station which is a coal-fueled power generating station holds the record of being the tallest chimney with a height of 420m (46ft 7 in). It is located at Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, completed in 1987. The diameter tapers from 44m (144 ft) at the base up to 14.2m (46 ft 7 in) at the top, and it weighs 60,000 tons (132 million lb).

Tallest Hospital

The Li Shu Pui block of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, is 148.5m (487ft) tall. The 38-floor hospital was designed by Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd and completed in 2008. The hospital has more than 400 beds and various room types and facilities. It also has a 24 hours outpatient consultation service.

Tallest Observation Wheel

The Singapore Flyer, Singapore is the tallest Ferris wheel comprising of a 150-m (492-ft) diameter wheel built over a three-storey terminal building, giving it a total height of 165m (541 ft}. It is located in Marina Bay, Singapore, and was opened to the public on 1st March 2008.

Tallest Unsupported Flagpole

The Dushanbe Flagpole, unveiled o n 24 May 2011 in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe is recorded to be the tallest flag post measuring 65m (541 ft 4 in). It flies a {60m (196 ft10 in} x {30 m (98 ft 5 in} Tajikistan flag.

Tallest University

The M V Lomonosov Moscow State University on the Lenin Hills, south of Moscow, Russia, stands 240 m (787.5 ft} tall and has 32 stories and 40,000 rooms. It was constructed between 1949 and 1953.

Tallest Atrium

T h e atrium o f the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, UAE, is 180m (590 ft) high. It forms a vast central cavity, around which the hotel is built.

Tallest Residential Building

Completed in 2012, Princess Tower in Dubai , United Arab Emirates, is 413.4m (1,356 ft) high and has 101 stories, dedicated to residential use.

Tallest Obelisk

An obelisk is a tapered four sided column, usually with a pointed top. The Washington Monument in Washington, DC, USA, is an obelisk that stands 169 m (555 ft) tall. Completed in 1884, it was built – without any steel enforcement – to honor George Washington, the first president of the USA, making it the world’s tallest unreinforced masonry structure.

Tallest Oil Platform

The Ursa tension leg platform is the highest oil platform with a tension leg structure. This floating oil production facility operated by Shell in the Gulf of Mexico, is 1,306 m (4,285 ft) above the ocean floor. The platform is connected to the sea-floor by oil pipelines and four massive steel tethers at each corner with total weight of approximately 16,000 tons (35 million lb).

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