Skypixel’s Drone Photography Awards reveal some stunning entries

Photographers have now amazing opportunities to harness their talents for something rewarding as Skypixel introduced its aerial photography competition and some truly amazing works of photography were unveiled in 2018 resultantly. The winner of the competition portrayed a serene image of French island monastery with a gasp worthy presence of morning fog. This annual videography and photography competition gives artists great opportunity to use their talents to compete against one another to earn great fortunes. 2018’s videography competition was taken over by Ain Raadik, an Australian filmmaker and travel mystic who captured his journeys across Australia, New Zealand and Japan through his lens. Ain Raadik explains how drone technology has enabled him to share his marvelous journeys across the lands with the world which boosts his confidence in his passion of videography. He also believes that opportunities like this can bring out the hidden talents in the world which were bounded by limited resources. He credits Skypixel for allowing him to put on screen his life stories which previously had no value what so ever. Ain Raadik hopes for people to realize their own passions in life and stick to those.

Yet another example of drone photography providing an opportunity of a lifetime is Derek Baumgartner’s grand prize winning click which shows how the limitations have greatly been thinned by the new technology. Baumgartner’s own words explain the wonderful experience.”I was sitting on a rock fighting with stubborn wind and thick rain for the whole morning,” says Baumgartner. “The sun came up when I was just about to stand up and go home. This photo tells a simple story of you and me. Stick to it for a little longer in life when you are just about to fold, the silver lining would often unveil itself.”

Take a look through all the extraordinary shots from this year’s Skypixel Drone Photo Contest down below.

Grand Prize Winner – ‘Mont Saint Michel

Skypixel Drone Photo Award
The famous monastery of Mont Saint Michel during a foggy morning(Credit: Deryk Baumgartner / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘The Unknown

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards
(Credit: Li Wei / Skypixel)

First Place – Nature | ‘Hungry Hippos

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
“There’s no party like a hippo party! An incredible visual to see and such a unique perspective. Truly honored to have this moment in time.” (Credit: Martin Sanchez / Skypixel)

Nominated Entry  – ‘National Library Of Kosovo

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards
This aerial shot shows off the architecture of the National Library of Kosovo. Photographer Agon Nimani used Mavic 2 drone to capture this shot. (Credit: Agon Nimani / Skypixel)

First Place – Architecture | ‘Not A Small HK Island

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
It took 43 shots using Phantom 4 Pro drone to capture an incredible 360 degree panorama shot of Hong Kong rooftops. (Credit: Panvelvet / Skypixel)

First Place – Fun Category | ‘Flowers On The Water

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
“These women are washing each gun flower, bundling it into a bundle to bring it to market. They put flowers into a circle that looks very beautiful. This is a fun job.” (Credit: Khanh Phan / Skypixel)

First Place – Sports | ‘Running Through The Sand Dunes

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
The kids were doing exercise by running through the sand dunes nearby their home in Phan Rang, Vietnam, in an early morning. (Credit: Trung Pham / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘Stein Eriksen Residences

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Low-level aerial view of the Stein Eriksen Residences at Deer Valley Resort. (Credit: Alan Blakely / Skypixel)

Nominated Entry – ‘Summit For The Team, Mont Blanc

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
“Some of the most famous skiers in the world are all together on the summit of the Mont Blanc.The Dynastar ski team walking the Mont Blanc Summit 4810m before skiing the north face during the sunset, with incredible light.” (Credit: Mathias Dumas / Skypixel)

Third Place – Fun Category | ‘花瓣雨

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Petal-like patterns created by geese during feeding time(Credit: Qiu Huining / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘《双栖》

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Birds and trees in Huanglongtan(Credit: Li Zhenglin Dawood / Skypixel)

Runner Up – Architecture | ‘Bagan

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar(Credit: Witold Ziomek / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘Kyiv Monuments

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Epic light & fog in this autumn in Kyiv. (Credit: Sergey Ristenko / Skypixel)

Second Place – Sports | ‘Shadow Skier #5

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
(Credit: oberschneider.com / Skypixel)

Second Place – Fun Category | ‘Burden Salt Harvest

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
“The workers are carrying salt to the warehouse. They start work from 3 am to 7 am and remake from 1 pm to 6 pm every day. Hon Khoi salt field is the largest salt field in Vietnam.” (Credit: Tuan Nguyen / Skypixel)

Third Place – Architecture | ‘日照新葡京

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Grand Lisboa’s Hotel. (Credit: 吖震 / Skypixel)

Nominated Entry – ‘Two

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
(Credit: Baltskars / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘Ancient Moonlight

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
The Coliseum, the moon, Sirio and Rome. (Credit: Maruo Pagliai / Skypixel)

Second Place – Nature | ‘足迹

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
A snow in the Taklimakan Desert, China during winter forms a rare ice and snow texture. According to the photographer,”The ice pattern is like a huge footprint, like the footprints of aliens visiting the earth.” (Credit: Wang Hanbing / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘Red Train

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Landwasserviadukt in Switzerland. (Credit: Sebastian MZH / Skypixel)

Third Place – Sports | ‘Throwing IT To The Moon

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Estonian hammer throw champion Kati Ojaloo throwing it to the moon.(Credit: Taavi Purtsak / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘Lofoten

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018 19
Football field on the island of Lofoten(Credit:  圆猪笔 / Skypixel)

Nominated Entry – ‘There Is A Precise Point Up There In The Sky Where The Mountains Almost Seem To Pose

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Sunrise on the Nuvolau group in the dolomites. Temperature -18 C. (Credit: Andrea Giumelli / Skypixel)

People’s Choice Winner – ‘Infinity Road: Summer vs Winter

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
A perfect mountain road shot twice during Summer and Winter. Same place. Different seasons. It took a lot of effort to shoot this photo. Two photos shot 8 months apart. Perfectly aligned. The battle between the Summer and the Winter. (Credit: Michal Sadowski / Skypixel)

Nominated Entry – ‘Wake Up

Skypixel Drone Photo Awards 2018
Wake Up Auckland Harbour Sunrise. (Credit: Petra Leary / Skypixel)

Source: Skypixel (via: New Atlas)

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