This photographer has transformed her office window into a Hummingbirds’ Hub

Humming birds are one of the prettiest species of birds that the nature has given us but unfortunately, they are as rare as all extraordinary things are. Melanie Barboni, a photographer and assistant researcher at UCLA’s Earth, Planetary and Space Science Program, had always been mesmerized by the idea of hummingbirds when she read about them in the books but growing up in Switzerland, she never got to witness their beauty up front. However, once she started her research at UCLA, Barboni installed a hummingbird feeder outside her office window and to her surprise, more than 200 hummingbirds started visiting her window every day after two years of the installation. She photographs them and has even named 50 of the birds since she can recognize them at first sight.

Barboni has named her office window as The Hummingbird Whisperer and no one has any reason to contradict and take that title away from her!

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humming bird 6

humming bird 7

humming bird 8

humming bird 11

humming bird 10

humming bird 3

humming bird 4

humming bird 5

humming bird 1

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Images: © Melanie Barboni

h/t: Colossal

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