Panasonic teams up with Vitra to bring transparent OLED display to reality

Technology has now come forward with a twist in its style and design as Panasonic is integrating its OLED display concept in Salone del Mobile installation by Vitra, a Swiss furniture brand. This could be turning point in the history of both televisions and furniture as both are being mingled to bring art and tech together. Vitra and Panasonic are both known to have exceled in their respective fields and are now aiming towards a joint venture of creating a transparent OLED display.

Panasonic Vitra Transparent OLED Display

The concept works in a simple enough manner as when the system is powered off it appears to be just a piece of orthogonal glass which is completely transparent and on the other hand, when powered on, it shows the onscreen contents to the viewers. This idea was devised by Daniel Rybakken, a Scandinavian designer along with Panasonic Kyoto.

Panasonic Vitra Transparent OLED Display

Its design is as simple as it seems, the mid glass body is bounded by a frame which contains all the electric components and it provides ambient lighting as well. With all of this still being a concept, Panasonic is hopeful that they are getting close towards its production.  The concept was displayed in Milan at Vitra‘s booth in Hall 20 at the Salone del Mobile and remained open to public until April 14, 2019.

All Images: © Panasonic

Source: Panasonic (via: New Atlas)

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