Mirror-cladded superyacht is designed to disappear into the sea

A plan has been unveiled for an invisible superyacht that makes the onboard people feel like they are on air. It completely blends into the sea. The fine craft is developed by Van Geest Designs, a Dutch firm, and Fincantieri, Italian boat builder. The superyacht is known as Mirage. The cost of Mirage is £200 million. It will be garbed entirely in a special mirrored glass that will reflect the image of the sea to onlookers and will give its billionaire owner some privacy.

Mirage Invisible Mirro Claded Superyacht 4

From only 50 meters away, this specially mirrored glass will make the 4200 tons of vessel vanished to the people. German glass manufacturer developed the color variable mirrored glass. The glass has never been used on yachts before. The radar will, however, detect the superyacht with plenty of time to steer. The superyacht is also equipped with its own radar. It will be used to look out for boats to avoid collision so that the captain has enough time to take any elusive action.

Mirage Invisible Mirro Claded Superyacht 2

It is explicitly designed for privacy-hungry billionaires. Mirage comes fully equipped with all the luxuries; spa, helipad, cinema, and outdoor theatre. The six-decked craft can cruise at a comfortable speed of 19 knots and can sleep 14 guests and 29 crew members. The dining area is located on a spacious deck with the room to accommodate guests for parties. It also includes a luxurious swimming pool. The onboard people can even take a dip into the sea from one of the lower decks.

Mirage Invisible Mirro Claded Superyacht 1

According to the designer, Pieter van Geest, it took more than a year to develop the blueprints entirely and would take around three and a half years to construct it. The longest part was to do the research and see how it could be developed.

Mirage Invisible Mirro Claded Superyacht 3

Although the designer declined to put a price tag on the Mirage, maritime experts suggest that for such a luxury and unique vessel, £200 million would be reasonable. If their estimate is correct, then Mirage will be included in the list of Top 10 expensive yachts of the world.

All Images: Courtesy of Fincantieri

Video by Fincantieri Channel

h/t: Design Boom

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