Michael T. Meyers captures majestic landscapes in mesmerising lights

While some photographers try to capture the solitude found in the majestic landscapes, others work towards capturing the mischievousness of natural light and how it sets an altogether different mood for the scenic beauty. Travelling photographer, Michael T. Meyers belongs to the later category. In his recent expedition, Meyers travelled around the United States to capture almost all of the natural landscape in a variety of lights and to further enhance his skills as a photographer, he visited the exotic warm island of Cuba as well.

Meyers captured both the places with such perfection that his audience on Instagram rose from 10k to 70k in less than a year and he credits the inspiration he found during his travelling for all his work. Scroll below to get mesmerized by this young artist’s exceptional work!

Images: © Michael T. Meyers

Michael T. Meyers: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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