Kiev-based architects use 17.3 square meters space to design a stylish studio apartment

You wouldn’t think much of a 186 square feet space but for Kiev-based Fateeva Design, it is just enough to design it into a classy studio apartment that has everything that needs to be there to make any structure a nice home.

The studio apartment features a small kitchen, equipped with a kitchen counter, sink, electric stove and an oven. The kitchen area includes a large window which ensures proper ventilation in the house. Just next to it, a built-in study desk is erected with a storage rolling drawer unit underneath it. The bed with a built-in side table is placed on the opposite corner. The cabinet underneath the bed, doubling as a structural support for it, makes up for a clever storage design. The tiny apartment also features a nicely furnished bathroom with a separate shower area. The white walls and tiles of the apartment, accompanied by minimalist wood-accent furniture gives it an airy contemporary look and once you step in the house, we guarantee you, you would not be bothered by the limited space.

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Images: © Fateeva Design

h/t: Curbed

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