JellyTank Is The Perfect Home For Your Pet Jellyfish

We all know that no matter how fascinating fish might be as pets, fish aquariums that come with them are always enormously huge and most difficult to maintain. However, this jelly tank aquarium is of a different league and not even close to those conventional aquariums.

The jellyfish aquarium designed by Floridian designers Blake and Brock Gratton, has a unique sleek design that looks aesthetically pleasing in any environment. The compact design of the JellyTank however does not affect its functionality as it includes a pump which forces the water in the tank to follow the pattern of ocean’s tides. Jelly tank can be conveniently cleaned and maintained with the help of its seamless design. Moreover, the tank is embedded with mechanical and biological filters to sustain the water quality.

jellytank 5 jellytank 2

JellyTank comes in ultra-white and premium black and the overall look of the tank can be changed as per your mood with the LED lighting included in the design.

jellytank 1 jellytank 4

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Images: © JellyTank

Reference: Curbed, Kick Starter

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